There comes a time for every technician when using a serial diagnostic tool to look at fault codes and live data is just not enough to solve the problem. It could also be that the vehicle does not have any trouble codes stored but the vehicle is not doing what it should. Faults with CAN BUS, LIN BUS and other networks are almost impossible to analyse without using an oscilloscope.

There may be need to check mechanical issues such as timing, solenoids, injectors and many others but doing this often involves a lot of disassembly.

To get to the root cause of the problem as opposed to just the symptoms on modern vehicles requires the use of an oscilloscope. A lot of technicians are reluctant to use a scope as it is considered for experts only and challenging to use. This is where PicoScope is the perfect solution.

Pico’s range of scopes from 2 to 8 channel combined with easy to use automotive software with many guided tests and sample waveforms make it easy for every workshop to use the scope and do so with confidence. A huge range of accessories such as acupuncture probes, back probes, pressue testers, amps clamps, and break out leads amongst others assist with getting the best out of the scope.

As an example if we look at something relatively simple like smart charge alternator fitted to a lot of Ford vehicles the Pico software guides the user as to what accessories to use and where to connect as well as giving sample wave forms so the user knows what to look for and compare the information they are gathering with what they should be seeing.

The image below shows what leads are being used and where the scope is connected:

In this image below we see the alternator current, alternator feedback and also the alternator command signal at vehicle idle with a light load:

Now we see waveforms but with the vehicle at moderate load:

All this information would be almost impossible to see without the scope and an alternator or worse ECM maybe replaced without fixing the issue.

PicoScope and PicoDiagnostic software is free to download and ongoing updates are free making it great value for money.

Courses are also offered in various locations if users wish to advance their learning.