Crypton 4 Post Lift

Crypton’s 4-Post lifts are manufactured to the best quality and safety features in the industry. This ensures your workshop or MOT station will have the reliability and efficiency it needs with an excellent return on investment.

Our 4-Post lifts are available in a range of lifting capacities and platform lengths to accommodate your needs. From recessed to surface mounted, our 4-Post lifts are suitable for class 4 vehicles up to 4.0 tonnes and class 7 vehicles, including motorhomes up to 5.0 tonnes.

Each 4-Post lift is supplied with a brake pedal depressor, wheel play detectors and turntables as standard, as well as our popular checker plate surface. Not only is it extremely attractive in your workshop, but it provides maximum protection against corrosion.

With a modern dark grey appearance, our 4-Post lift provides a consistent brand image throughout our range, whilst blending in with other workshop equipment.