Delphi YDT 732

Complete High Pressure Common Rail Hydraulic Test Package

YDT732 CR sealed rail test kit (includes YDT850 + YDT410 + YDT747)

For simple, low cost, on-vehicle testing of all makes of Common Rail systems to measure pressure generated by the CR pump as well as backleakage for each individual CR injector — the two major causes of faults in CR systems. This eliminates the need for complete system removal and refit, reducing unnecessary costs and inconvenience.

When a pump fault has been identified by the YDT850, but the pump can generate the correct pressure with the YDT410 False Actuator Kit  fitted, then the actuator is faulty. If full pressure still cannot be achieved, then there is a mechanical failure in the pump. The kit contains adapters needed for the testing of all-makes applications and test data for all-makes actuators.

  • Provides simple, low cost diagnostic capability on-vehicle
  • Compatible with Delphi, Bosch, Continental and Denso Common Rail systems
  • Prevents unnecessary replacement of complete Common Rail systems, improving customer satisfaction