Heavy Duty DS Diagnostic Software

Our DS diagnostic software for trucks, trailers and buses is packed full of powerful features, functionality and applications for a truly heavyweight diagnostic capability. Available as a stand-alone VCI, DS150E or DS450E tablet, the intuitive software provides seamless diagnostics of the key vehicle systems across a wide range of heavy duty makes and models. On top of the standard programmes such as reading and erasing fault codes, it lets users reset adaptations for key systems such as EGR, air mass meter and EBS, perform dosing tests, regenerate the SCR system and calibrate suspension levels. Better still, an ever-expanding range of functions built-in to the software and VCI allows you to do all this and more with ease.


  • Supports extensive vehicle database with three major software updates per 12-month licence period
  • Built-in features such as Intelligent System Scan, Intelligent System
  • Identification, help files and report function
  • Automatic model/year selection with VIN recognition
  • Integrated technical information including essential maintenance and repair data, technical drawings and manuals
  • Powerful VCI with integrated flight recorder, Link for “DS user training” goes to battery voltage monitor and LED flashlight
  • Ability to clear/reset adaptations for EGR, air mass meter, EBS, clutch (after replacement or transmission removal), air suspension pressure and more
  • Unit Pump Injector and Common Rail code reading and recoding
  • Ability to carry out dosing tests, system resets, Adblue freeze monitoring calibration, system drain down and regeneration of the SCR system
  • Calibration of suspension levels
  • Available on DS450E tablet and as DS150E software only option
  • Full service support including technical hotline and DS user training