Quadra 4.0T 4.8M ELEC/HYD Wheel Alignment Lift

The Quadra 4.0t wheel alignment lift SF/9008/4 is a 4 post lift developed for use with CCD and laser wheel alignment systems. The lift incorporates heavy duty, ball bearing mounted rear wheel slip plates; these enable adjustments to be made to rear wheel geometry settings without the need to re-set the vehicle between measurements. The front of the lift platform has recesses suitable for radius turning plates (not included – see options & accessories).

The SF/9008/4 has a complete range of safety systems including an audible alarm during the final stages of descent, hydraulic ‘parachute’ valves and electronically operated mechanical safety latches. Power supply is 3ph 400V 50Hz via a fused isolator. A rail is fitted to the inner platform for installation of a jacking beam, if required.