Tecalemit 4.5T Wheel Alignment and Service Scissor Lift

The SF/9095/EV Scissor Lift range has been developed to meet all types of requirements in both the workshop and body-shop. For general servicing and repairs the lift can be supplied with a standard platform. The lift has an integral jacking rail enabling the use of a jacking beam to lift the vehicle ‘wheel-free’. The SF/9095/EV has 3 further platform design options. It can be supplied for wheel alignment use with integral bearing mounted slip plates at the rear of the lift (SF/9095/EV/4) and at the front of the lift is a recess for radius turning plates.

The second platform option (SF/9095/EV/5) is an integral hydraulic wheel free scissor lift mounted within the lift platform. Not only is this useful for general servicing, it also enables the vehicle to be raised in order to carry out a run-out compensation when conducting vehicle geometry work. The third platform option (SF/9095/EV/6) is comprised of options 1 & 2, giving the operator a complete lifting and wheel alignment solution. The SF/9095/EV is designed for installation into a floor recess. This should be prepared to Tecalemit specification. The standard lift requires a 3ph power supply via a 20A fused isolator. Alternatively the high speed option, with faster lifting time, runs on a 1ph 240v power supply. An air supply of 6-8 Bar is also required to operate the latching systems.