Tecalemit TBM/V985A

The Tecalemit TBM/V985A is a semi-automatic electronic wheel balancer and has been developed to meet the need for highly accurate wheel balancing for workshops where there is not a high throughput of wheels. The internal wheel positioning is measured automatically and other wheel dimensions are entered manually.

The wheel balancer is also available with an optional data entry arm (TBM/V985AE) making the machine fully automatic. The internal wheel positioning and other wheel dimensions are measured automatically. Wheel data and balancing results are clearly displayed on a large TFT video display. The software provides programs for all ‘Alloy’ wheel balancing as well as steel wheels, static and hidden weight balancing programs.

The wheel balancer is easy to use with a very quick balancing cycle and manufactured in our own factory near Modena, Italy using the best materials and technology available.