Tecalemit TTC9628S/T

TTC 9628S/T is specifically developed for use in tyre shops, dealerships and with tyre specialists and incorporates our G frame design with a host of patented technical features. Structural rigidity is the single most important feature of any tyre changer and the ‘G’ frame concept is unique to the Tecalemit range and ensures the operating head positioning is accurate and stable – protecting expensive tyres and wheels from damage.

Breaking the bead seal on modern tyres and wheels can be difficult and risks damaging the edge of the wheel rim and tyre bead. The Ergo Control system (patent pending) allows the operator to adjust the pressure on the tyre from 0 to a maximum force of 11500 N simply by the pressure applied to the beak breaker arm, no foot pedal any more.

The circular turntable offers external clamping on rims up to 28” diameter and the variable turntable speed allows the operator to slow and accelerate as appropriate reducing the risk of tyre damage. The pneumatically operated column positions the operating head with industry leading precision and stability.

The TTC 9268S/T is supplied complete with Technoroller system providing the most advanced professional grade 28” tyre changer in the market