Bosch BEA 950 S1

The BEA 950 S1 is future-proofed with supplementary options from the Bosch BEA device range, including a PC, screen, mouse and keyboard.

All standard and optional components, including: measurement modules, the PC, 19” monitor, keyboard and printer fit compactly within the trolley.

The BEA 950 S1 is the premium Bosch solution designed to meet the highest demands of busy workshops efficiently.

  • Premium tester: Supporting the demands of your busy workshop
  • Premium trolley designed to house all standard and optional components: For space saving efficiency and ease-of-use conveniency
  • Robust design: For tough workshop environment
  • Fast setup and warm up times: For timesaving
  • Battery option with lithium-ion technology: For flexibility and more environmentally friendly
  • Remote control: For ease of use conveniency and user-friendliness
  • Option to enhance system with supplementary options: futureproofed to grow with your business, e.g. with FSA 500, ESI[tronic] 2.0 Online, Diagnostic scan tools.