Bosch BEA 950 S3

The BEA 950 S3 is future-proofed with supplementary options from the Bosch BEA device range.

All standard and optional components, including: measurement modules and control unit testers.

Able to comfortably connect to the DCU 100, DCU 220 or a laptop, the BEA 950 S3 is the easy-to-use system for everyday workshop testing procedures.

  • Everyday tester: Supporting the demands of your workshop
  • Trolley designed to house all standard and optional components: For space saving efficiency and ease-of-use conveniency
  • Robust design: For tough workshop environment
  • Fast setup and warm up times: For timesaving
  • BEA 550 Diesel battery option with lithium-ion technology: For flexibility and more environmentally friendly
  • Option to enhance system with supplementary options: futureproofed to grow with your business, e.g. with FSA 500, ESI[tronic] 2.0 Online, diagnostic scan tools.