Bradbury H4203 Four Post Service Lift  (4.0 Tonne) 4280mm platform

The Bradbury H4203 Four Post Service Lift features an impressive 4 tonne lifting capacity and platforms which measure 4280mm. The impressive design and attention to detail on all aspects ensure that this Bradbury lift will give years of service.


• Safe and reliable hydraulic operation
• Low maintenance costs
• Automatic air operated parking brake
• Anti tilt system
• Health and Safety buzzer operation when lowering
• Can be recessed or surface mounted
• Optional lighting kit available for greater visibility under the vehicle
• Ideal for fast fit and general workshop
• Suitable for cars, 4 x 4’s and car derived vans
• Moveable platform for greater flexibility
• Vehicle parking system allows the vehicle to be lowered onto safety latches ensuring complete safety whilst working underneath the vehicle
• Overload safety valve
• Parachute valve
• Eccentric brake system
• Emergency stop valve
• Available in both single or three phase