Bradbury H4443 Wheel Free Four Post Service Lift (4.0 Tonne)

The Bradbury H4443 Wheel Free Four Post Service Lift (4.0 tonne) is one of a kind and is highly versatile! This patented product, which has been around for decades, is almost like having two lifts in one. The wheel free beams, which slide laterally along the cross beam to jack the vehicle up, lift in conjunction with the platforms which can then be lowered whilst the vehicle remains in place in the air on these wheel free beams! The specially designed vehicle parking system is fully automatic and managed entirely by the control box.


• Suitable for all cars and small to medium wheel base vans
• Safe and reliable hydraulic operation
• Low maintenance costs
• Suitable for servicing tyres and exhausts
• Automatic air operated parking brake
• Various locking heights
• User friendly button operation for engaging the wheel free beams in a quick and efficient manner
• Health and Safety buzzer operation when lowering
• Can be recessed or surface mounted
• Optional lighting kit available for greater visibility under the vehicle
• Vehicle parking system allows the vehicle to be lowered onto safety latches ensuring complete safety whilst working underneath the vehicle
• Overload safety valve
• Available in both single and three phase