Bradbury H8603/1E 3.6T Short Platform High Rise In Ground Scissor Lift

The Bradbury H8603/1E 3.6 Tonne Short Platform high-rise, in-ground scissor lift is ideal for service bays, tyre shops, general repair, brake repairs and body shops. This scissor lift boasts a strong steel construction, an extremely silent power pack and provides full access to all sides of the vehicle. Available in single and three phase.


  • Hydraulically synchronised platforms
  • Low voltage control system
  • Full access to sides, front and rear of vehicle
  • Low ground clearance ideal for very low skirted vehicles (recessed 0mm)
  • Includes platform extensions (both sides)
  • Set of 4 rubber blocks
  • Control panel allows precise lifting
  • Sensors ensure that the platform remains level during lifting
  • Ratchet safety mechanism (air required)

Only suitable for recessed installation.