Bradbury H8901/3E 3.2T Extra Low Profile Fixed Hydraulic Scissor Lift

The Bradbury H8901/3E 3.2 tonne extra low profile fixed hydraulic scissor lift is ideal for service bays, tyre shops, general repairs and body shops. Featuring a low profile platform ideal for lifting a large range of vehicles including low skirted sport cars.

  • Hydraulically synchronised platforms
  • Low voltage control system
  • Full access to sides, front and rear of vehicle
  • Low ground clearance ideal for very low skirted vehicles
  • Control panel allows precise lifting
  • Non return valve provides safety against hydraulic failure
  • Dual hydraulic circuit with solenoid valves that protects against pipe breakage
  • Synchronisation of platforms without any torsion bar
  • No mechanical locking therefore no air requirement
  • Set of 4 rubber blocks