GYS Flash 8.12

The GYSFLASH 8.12 is specifically designed to charge all types of’ 12V batteries such as cars, utility vehicles, motor homes or trucks. It features an 8 step intelligent charging curve for an optimal charge; as well as a «Supply» mode to support and maintain showroom vehicle batteries.

• Designed for 12 V batteries from 15 to 160 Ah, or for maintenance charging up to 240 Ah.
• 2 charge modes for maximum versatility :
– AGM : Charge mode for cold weather (less than 5°C) and for Start & Stop batteries (EFB
& AGM).
– Refresh : Recovers deeply discharged batteries.
• Supply mode , transforms the charger into a stabilised power supply :
– maintains battery health during vehicle demonstrations (showroom).
– preserves memory settings during battery replacement.
• Optimised maintenance charge, the charger can remain plugged in indefinitely during winter to maintain the health of the battery. «Auto Restart» feature so the charger can restart automatically with the right settings after a power cut.