Maestro 2.35 F Sport – 3.5 Tonne Two Post Lift (Baseless)

The AUTOPSTENHOJ 098013 Maestro 2.35 F Sport two post lift is the ultimate for lifting of low profile sports cars! This lift features a low arm pad height of just 70mm and the arm profiles on the final extension are very low profile so that they do not foul on the sill.

This lift is suitable for all types of repair and maintenance work on small and large passenger cars, sports cars, 4×4 and vans (excl LWB).

ALL AUTOPSTENHOJ two post lifts are led through a sling purifying plant (according to SA2.50 – ISO-Norm 8501-1:2007), dipped in primer and finally led through an electrostatic powder bake plant.

AUTOPSTENHOJ Lifts are manufactured in Denmark