Maestro 32 M Series – 3.2 Tonne Two Post Lifts (Baseless)


  • Asymmetric post installation, vehicles can be positioned in rear area of work bay, for better door-opening angle
  • Very stable bent posts
  • Without base frame, therefore free drive-in situation
  • Two strong electric motors
  • Cold-rolled spindles for high durability
  • Nylon nut sets for high durability Long carriage with optimised mounting of 8 sliding blocks for low friction
  • Carriage with threaded holes for easy adoption of diverse superstructures
  • Door-stop mounted on carriage Obstruction system for stopping the lift when it hits an obstracle
  • Push button control unit with alarm signal
  • Programmable limit switch for top stop and CE-stop
  • Electronic synchronisation through comparison of pulses measured on the pulleys


  • Universal lifting area from small passenger car up to BMW series 7 long G12
  • Possibility of parallel parking of arms for easier and faster positioning of vehicles
  • Arms can be opened more than 180° for better drive-in situation (+45°) for lifts installed in 90° angle to the drive lane
  • Low minimum height