Valeo Air Con

ClimFill® Easy: the best way to enter the air conditioning business

ClimFill® Easy is the smallest machines of the new ClimFill range. This full automatic refill machine will allow you to check the air conditioning system in an easy way. ClimFill® Easy – 625201 – The best choice to begin the A/C refill business.

  • Full automatic machine
  • Eco patented coupler: recovery cycle time improvement thanks to air discharge in the couplers, anti-puff function when disconnecting the couplers (available as an option)
  • High performing vacuum
  • Charge performances: the station adapts itself automatically in all conditions (even the most extreme ones)
  • Electric compressor compatibility: to proceed with some hybrid or electric-powered vehicles
  • Oil care valve: to protect the fresh oil from humidity
  • Customer traceability: record all maintenance operations per vehicle ClimFill®

Easy optimize your workspace:

  • Decreased dimensions 62 x 55 x 97 cm (vs. 60.5 x 58 x 117.8 cm for ClimFill® Pro)
  • Low weight of 60 kg (vs. 70 kg for ClimFill® Pro)
  • Easily movable