Hofmann Geodyna 7340P

The new Hofmann geodyna 7340P is a professional touchscreen wheel balancer with a torque-controlled power clamp device for cars, light trucks and motorcycles*.

It features a 2D SAPE (Semi-Automatic Parameter Entry) for simple measurement of wheel offset, wheel diameter and Smart Sonar for automatic input of wheel width, a pinpoint laser indicator for weight placement, and patented power clamping.

Smart Sonar gives 30% time savings compared to manual data input. The 7340P also features easyALU technology for automatically selecting the weight balancing mode.

* Additional adaptor required.


  • Power clamping: Clamps the wheel with a secure and consistent force, providing better handling when balancing
  • 2D SAPE (Semi-Automatic Parameter Entry) and Smart Sonar: Measure wheel offset, wheel diameter and wheel width in one process
  • Fast and accurate: Smart Sonar gives 30% time savings compared to manual data input and removes potential input error
  • Hidden weight mode: Place adhesive weights behind spokes, giving you an appealing cosmetic finish
  • VPM measuring system: Achieve accuracy and reliability by limiting discrepancies caused by changes in ambient temperature
  • Tyre matching mode: Optimise tyre to rim and use fewer weights
  • Semi-automatic pre-selection of balancing mode: Via easyALU™
  • User friendly LED interface: The display guides you through the balancing process step by step
  • easyAlu: Automatic configuration of the inside position for weight application makes working on aluminium wheels simple
  • Constant measuring speed: Get a measuring speed of 200rpm
  • User friendly interface with video display: The display, guides you through the balancing process step by step with useful images and videos
  • Medium footprint: This larger unit provides benefits of improved ergonomics and the opportunity to manage wider tyres, allowing you to service small to top-end executive cars
  • EasyWeight laser: Pinpoint the exact location for tape weight placement assisted by the pinpoint laser
  • Stop in position: Get fast positioning of the wheel for balancing